Brand story

SenseMax was founded by sex toy and tech entrepreneurs who recognized the converging yet unabridged trajectories of our virtual and intimate lives. The advent of VR has made obsolete the divide between the imagined and the real, the virtual and physical. Employing innovative and functional design, SenseMax creates products that overcome the chasm between the virtual and intimate, rewarding the user with an unparalleled sensual experience. SenseMax maintains sales offices throughout the world and the highest quality control of its manufacturing base.
Who we are

Our DNA can be traced to the tech and intimate lifestyle sectors and is manifested our company's unique blend of innovation, technology, and sensuality. Our work on the frontiers of technology and intimacy provides an environment where design, engineering, and science cross-fertilize to contribute to most unique user experience.
What we do

We design and manufacture quality products and accessories for beautiful and smart intimate experiences. We know that the erotic theater of the mind is a place for you to play, therefore we have decided to modernize it and add to our sex toys a dimension of immersion in virtual reality. We make life more enjoyable for people with sexual lust and fantasy.
Our Values

At SenseMax, we operate by core values. These values define who we are, how we work, and what we believe in. They guide how we create value for our customers, our people and our organization:

- We believe that sexual fulfillment makes us happier and healthier people

- We believe that virtual reality technology can help those with sexual anxiety or dysfunction minimize or overcome their challenges in a safe, non-judgmental environment

- We believe that it is our duty to make great products that serve to reach sexual fulfillment

- We believe in democratizing the channels of acquisition for our products

- We are not satisfied until good becomes better and better becomes outstanding
Join the Revolution!

In a few short years, the sex toy industry has come a long way. In its first generation, toys were novelty and party items; made by men for women, quality was sketchy and sometimes dangerous, and R&D, if it occurred at all, did not consider the end user.

The industry's second generation was a tidal wave of change. Sex toys became a serious matter. Toys were designed for women, often by women. Products became safe, functions became effective, and design became elegant. These second generation companies also started marketing male consumers.

Enter SenseMax and Sex Toy Generation 3.0. The emergence of interactive technology and content has expanded the possibilities of intimate experiences. SenseMax has harnessed these technologies to create the Sense Ecosystem, a truly revolutionary step forward in how we engage in pleasure.

In the Sense Ecosystem, Sense VR and intimate toys sync with interactive content provided by the SenseNow app to provide a holistic sensual/pleasure experience. While there has been nothing like this before, we expect there to be many imitators. We accept this challenge and look forward to expanding the realm of the possible.

Let the revolution begin!

The Sense Ecosystem combines VR technology, interactive content, and a new generation of intimate products to deliver an unparalleled sensual experience.

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