Phallix® Exclusive Erotic Glass Art.


    Phallix® Exclusive Erotic Glass Art.

    Experimenting with your Phallix can be fun!

    Unlike regular glass Phallix products are made of very high quality, medical grade Borosilicate glass wich can withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking or breaking. Glass, while cool at first, is a very conductive material and within a short time your Phallix will adjust to your body temperature.

    For some added fun you can easily experiment with different temperature variations by placing your Phallix in a bowl of warm or cool water for a couple of minutes. To send an extra shiver through your or your partner’s body, you can place your Phallix in a freezer or ice for a few minutes, just make sure they have ampel warning. We suggest you be very careful while experimenting with heat or cold as your Phallix can get very hot or cold in a short time. To avoid discomfort, please do not make contact with your bare skin unles you are absolutely sure that yor Phallix is at a safe, comfortable temperature. Nothing compares to Phallix.

    All Phallix products are completely hand made by our highly experienced and skilled glassblowers. With this reason, in every product there is always some deviation in size and color. Size differences are very small, color can and will be very different for each product. The productimages on websites or elsewhere are therefore not legally binding.
    Phallix® Glass Inc.

    Phallix Glass is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of functional, erotic glass art. Rick Plank established Phallix in Southern California and it premiered in January of 2002 at AVN’S Adult Entertainment Expo. Rick’s love of glass began over twenty years ago while working in a Los Angeles retail store that sold a wide variety of hand blown glass. This initial fascination with glass artistry would evolve into the cornerstone for what is now Phallix Glass, a company with global recognition and unparalleled quality and sensuality.

    Drawing on over ten years of experience and expertise in glass production and in excess of 400 glass artisans, Phallix dominates the erotic glass market. Plank insists that there are no higher standards for manufacturing, testing and inspecting than those used by Phallix. Every precaution is taken to ensure proper quality and technique. Phallix products are made from medical grade borosilicate glass (“hard glass”) of which Pyrex is a brand. This material (essentially “lead-free crystal”) is completely non-toxic and will withstand extreme temperatures as well as physical shock without compromising its structural integrity. Phallix products are safe and beautiful. Every piece is hand blown by an individual artist, thus creating a one of a kind masterpiece.

    Phallix Glass has continued to enjoy rapid growth in stature and recognition due to its relentless commitment to producing a superior product with unquestionable integrity and style. Commenting on the success of Phallix, Rick says, “My goal has always been to create beauty while maintaining strict standards for craftsmanship and quality. Phallix product is a direct representation of these ideals and will never waiver.”

    Industry Icons, Vivid and Playboy have made Phallix their official and exclusive glass sex toy. Countless adult production studios (Wicked, Evil Angel, Digital Play Ground and Pure Play), as well as mainstream and cable media concur that Phallix Glass is the Premier provider of erotic glass art.

    Dedication, rigorous standards and integrity are the foundation of Phallix Glass. With Rick Plank at the helm, this dynamic and visionary company has undeniably become the preeminent provider of the finest quality, functional erotic glass art in existence and will continue the pursuit of its further evolution.

    Phallix Glass is imported and distributed in Europe by Phallix Europe.

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