My name is Polina, I am an Eastern European escort with a delicate and athletic body.

I am a woman of natural elegance and physical bearing of great beauty, my face is very nice, I apologize for not being able to show it openly.

In the intimacy I am passionate, dedicated, always willing to please the boys who are looking for an experience full of sensuality and eroticism, who are looking for lust, who like imagination and not just let themselves be done.


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  • benzeno99
    mayo 16, 2020 a or @ 04:34
    10 /10

      A quality and very intense meeting. This girl is more than according to the photos, a doll face perfection, eyes to fall in love, a statuesque and terribly sexy body … How not to fall in love Very beautiful girl who likes to give and receive pleasure. to satisfy you as much as possible. For me a beautiful address to renew. Thank you, Miss. Big kiss

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